Mouse Easy for iPhone/iPad

Use your mobile device as a computer mouse. With Mocha VNC and RDP clients, Mouse Easy can work as a Bluetooth Mouse.
A great solution, if using an iPad with an external keyboard and needs a trackpad next to the keyboard. Your iPhone will do the task with Mocha Easy.
Another option is to connect Mouse Easy direct to a Mac using the Mac Screen Sharing protocol. No need to install extra software on the Mac.

  • Connects to our Mocha VNC/RDP clients and function as a Bluetooth mouse.
  • Connects to a Mac using the Apple screen sharing protocol.
  • Can connect to a PC, if the PC has a VNC Server installed.
  • Works as a trackpad with mouse click,dragging and scrolling.
  • Gyroscope based motion mouse option.
  • Landscape mode.
  • Free, no ads or other disturbing element.

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