Mocha TN5250 for CE

Mocha TN5250 is designed for CE/Windows Mobile barcode scanners.

  • Small size, only 382 Kb.
  • Support for Motorola scanners (uses hardware API). Other scanners can be used, if they send barcodes as keyboard events.
  • Runs on most CE devices (also core CE), requires only Compact Framework 2.0.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Device name support
  • SSL/TLS (uses only the SSL/TLS layer in the CE OS)
  • Font size can be configured.
  • Possible to make an automatic Enter or Tab command after a scan.
  • Low cost : Single User license 29.85 USD or 299 USD for a Company License.

  • TLS 1.2 will be a problem, as the CE OS does not include it.

Older versions (uses the same license key) for pocket pc and CE can be found here.

Setup Guide

Try the unlicensed version, only limitation is, a dialog will pop up every minute, telling it is a DEMO.

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