CamBarcode for macOS

CamBarcode from MochaSoft makes it easy to scan barcode and QR codes with the laptop camera or an attached iPhone.
  • Use any camera connected to the Mac for scanning.
  • Send the barcode as simple keystrokes to another application.
  • Add ENTER and/or TAB after a barcode.
  • Saves the barcode to the clipboard.
  • Keeps a history of the last 100 scans.
  • Optional, Opens Safari, if a QR code with a URL has been scanned.
  • You can look up barcodes with Google Search or at Amazon.
  • Configure which barcodes to support.
  • Low cost: Single User license 5.99 USD.

Compared to the Lite version, the full version does not display a 'Nag' screen after 4 scans.

App store version App store lite version