True Bluetooth Mouse, Keyboard and Barcode scanner for Android - no server app required

Turn your smartphone into a real Bluetooth touch pad, keyboard and barcode scanner. No server app is used, only requirement : The receiving devices must support plain old Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Touch pad with mouse functions: scroll, right/left click and drag.
  • Support for 16 different national keyboard layouts.
  • Air mouse. Use the device accelerometers to move the mouse.
  • Extra screen for controlling a multi media player.
  • Another screen gives a numeric keypad.
  • Use the camera as a barcode scanner.
  • Has space for 20 macros. Record keystrokes into smart macros
  • Key banners can be customized.
  • Use speech as text input.
  • Can send text from the Android clipboard.
  • Optional enable special Android keys: HOME,BACK,MENU and NEXT.
  • Premium feature cost only 1.99 USD. Removes the 30 second delay after 5 minutes use.
Not all Android devices allow full Bluetooth access. This is not an Android bug, but some manufacturers have blocked the use.
You can test it with an app at google Play: Bluetooth HID Profile Tester

Google play