Mocha Barcode for Android

Mocha Barcode is a standard web browser with barcode support. It makes it easy to build web applications for company use. Scan barcodes direct to your web page, and request the company server to return data online, such as product information and goods in stock.

Scan barcodes with the Android camera direct to your Web application. No need for special designed Apps.

Download today a free demo version, and try it in your own environment. A dialog will pop up telling it is a demo after 3 scans, otherwise it is the full product with no limitations. Mocha barcode Pro at 5.85 USD is without the limitation

  • Use the device camera as barcode scanner.
  • Can return data to a field.
  • Can handle many fields on a single web page.
  • Can call a Javascript function on the Web page after a scan.
  • Supports callback URL from a Chrome browser
  • Has keypad for manual barcode data typing.
  • Can remove first and/or last digit from a scan.
  • Android OS 4.x - 14.x, phone and tablet
  • An unlimited company license is 299.00 USD.
A similar product for iOS can be found here

Setup Guide

Google play lite version Google play lite version
Local download page